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May the MassKara Festival inspire Filipinos to succeed and find hope: PBBM

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Filipinos will be able to advance with excellence and fresh purpose thanks to this year’s MassKara Festival celebration; President Ferdinand R. Marcos expressed hope.

In his message on Friday, Marcos wished for the event to “bring out the best in each of us and link us together for a revitalized sense of purpose.”

The President expressed optimism that Filipinos would rise to the challenge and rediscover the joy in life even during trying times while acknowledging that the yearly holiday is a way to fend against pessimism.

“This celebrated international event was created to combat the pessimism caused by the day’s problems. Let this year’s celebration have especially strong resonance and find even deeper meaning in its happy observance since we find ourselves in a similar predicament today, “said he.

Especially now as we progress on the challenging process of nation-building, “may the brilliant colors and smiles so prevalent and abundant throughout the festivities serve as declarations of resilience, even as we tackle our deepest worries and conquer our greatest difficulties.”

On October 23, the 43rd iteration of the annual MassKara Festival will close in Bacolod City.

Two years after being postponed due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, the yearly event is back.

After a string of catastrophes that affected Bacolodnons and Negrenses in the early 1980s, the famous festival of “many faces” was born.

Marcos expressed the wish that the event would “deepen our appreciation for our timeless cultures and customs” and “reignite the spirit of community in our hearts.”

I extend my sincerest greetings to the happy citizens and government representatives of the City of Bacolod as you enjoy the 2022 MassKara Festival. I send my best wishes to everyone for a meaningful and inspiring MassKara event.

Marcos also expressed his support for the organizing of MassKara cultural events.

In order to improve our spirits at this vital time, he stated, “I welcome all the programs arranged by the organizers and invite people from all over the country to participate in, see special spots in the city, and meet new people along the way.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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