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Digitalization to boost government effectiveness and the economy: DBM

According to Budget Secretary Amenah Pangandaman, the digitalization of state agencies’ and offices’ operations will aid the Marcos administration in achieving its goals for improved bureaucratic effectiveness and increased economic prosperity.

When thanking the Association of Government Accountants of the Philippines (AGAP) Inc. for choosing her to be the keynote speaker at its four-day annual national convention seminar, Pangandaman commented.

Pangandaman commended AGAP for hosting the annual seminar, which provided a forum for government accountants and financial managers to discuss updates and crucial tactics to keep up with “fast-changing times,” in a late-night Facebook post on Thursday.

Pangandaman emphasized the organization’s essential role in fostering bureaucratic efficiency and solid budgetary management and added, “With its more than 50 years of service as an institution, AGAP has thrived through the various changes in our society.”

“Let’s continue to collaborate so that our digitalization efforts will not only translate to improved bureaucratic efficiency but also, ultimately, to realizing our agenda for economic prosperityโ€”one that is felt by every Filipino and whom we are all sworn to serve with dedication and integrity,” she added.

AGAP Inc. is a group of public workers from national government agencies (NGAs), local government units (LGUs), and government-owned or -controlled enterprises who handle accounting, budgeting, auditing, cashiering, and other related financial duties (GOCCs).

Before it became a large organization with over 10,000 members from NGAs, LGUs, and GOCCs, it only had six founders in 1950.

Pangandaman reaffirmed the Department of Budget and Management’s (DBM) commitment to digitalize government operations, records, and databases through e-governance in a keynote address made on Wednesday in Baguio City.

According to Pangandaman, who was quoted by the DBM in a press release on Friday, “in support of the Administration’s thrust for a lean, efficient, and responsive government workforce, the fiscal year 2023 proposed national budget will facilitate the transformation and digitalization of the government to streamline the bureaucracy.”

Along with budgeting, auditing, cash management, purchasing, income generation, and public reporting on public sector financial operations, Pangandaman highlighted the crucial role of accounting in DBM’s interconnected public financial management activities.

Our dear accountants and government financial managers, as well as the entirety of AGAP Inc. who help carry out our pursuit of bureaucratic efficiency and sound fiscal management, she said, “while the economic managers and their respective institutions are hard at work towards this end, this would not be possible without your help.”

According to Pangandaman, the move to e-governance is essential to achieving the government’s goal of providing the Filipino people with a comfortable living.

According to Pangdanaman, around PHP12.47 billion of the proposed national budget for 2023 will be set up for ICT and digitalization projects and programs, the DBM said on Friday.

The Department of Finance would get about PHP3.56 billion of the proposed PHP12.47 billion for improving revenue collection through digitization, according to the DBM.

The DBM also stated that the ICT Systems and Infrastructure Development, Management and Advisory Program for the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) would get around PHP4.72 billion.

According to the DBM, the program will provide money for the National Government Data Center Infrastructure and the National Government Portal, linking government agencies and increasing accessibility.

President Ferdinand R. Marcos asked Congress to enact the proposed E-Governance Act, which promotes the use of the internet, intranet, and other ICT to give possibilities for residents, in his first State of the Nation Address, which he delivered on July 25.

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