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Dedicated motorbike lane to prevent accidents solon

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A party-list legislator applauded the approval of a plan to create a designated motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City on Friday to reduce accidents involving motorcycles.

Rep. Ramon Rodrigo Gutierrez of the 1-Rider Party list congratulated the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), particularly its acting chairman Carlo Dimayuga III, and the Metro Manila Council (MMC) for the initiative that strives to safeguard the safety of road users in a statement.

The MMC “agreed in principle” to having lanes for bicycles, public utility vehicles, and a dedicated lane for motorbikes (PUVs).

Bike riders will use the outermost lane of Commonwealth Avenue, PUV drivers will use the next lane, and motorcycle drivers will use the third lane.

According to Gutierrez, “We applaud and thank the MMC, made up of mayors in the National Capital Region, for agreeing with MMDA that special lanes for riders and other motorists are necessary to reduce traffic accidents.

He emphasized the value of providing riders with exclusive lanes because they are one of the most exposed and dangerous road users, citing data from the MMDA Traffic Engineering Center’s Road Crash Statistics that showed a total of 1,010 motorcycle-related accidents happened along Commonwealth Avenue between January and August 2022.

The data also revealed that 444 of the 1,010 occurrences resulted in property damage, while 557 of the cases were non-fatal, and nine were fatal.

The MMDA’s motorcycle consultation session took place on October 12 and 13, and among the topics covered were exclusive lanes, according to Gutierrez.

He stated Commonwealth Avenue would serve as the site for the scheme’s trial phase. It might be replicated elsewhere if it reduces accident rates and traffic congestion.

“I-implement natin, testing phase, pag-aaralan kung ito ay talagang helpful sa traffic, ang mangyayari dito sa Commonwealth. (What will happen in Commonwealth is that we will install this in a testing phase, and we will study if this plan is beneficial to control traffic and if it may reduce the accident rate. If it is successful, we may reproduce it on other routes.) If these are accomplished, we may repeat the process for other highways, “explained he.

Gutierrez clarified that the proposed dedicated motorcycle lane differs from the MMDA’s earlier idea.

“The current rating system is not exclusive. This was the MMDA’s pledge to the participating motorcyclists: “If there are motorcycle riders, they will be allowed to use the lane exclusively; if there are cars, they may use the lane in addition to motorcycles. The MMDA committed to the riders: Previously, motorcycles had their lane, and cars could also use that lane. It’s different this time; it’s now exclusive), “said he.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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