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A new commercial district will emerge and create jobs in Bacolod.

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On Sunday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos expressed optimism that the recently opened Upper East in Bacolod City would create additional “quality jobs” that would lead to national economic expansion.

Megaworld Corp.’s The Upper East is the first master-planned, mixed-use neighborhood that will house Bacolod’s newest and most up-to-date central business area.

Speaking at the opening of the new township, the President praised the choice to build The Upper East on the site of the former Bacolod-Murcia Milling Company (BMMC), which was located in Negros Occidental on the eastern side of Bacolod City.

It is a really significant location, a historical site, and it is now evolving into something more. It will serve as a hub for growth in Bacolod City and, in my opinion, the rest of the region, said Marcos.

Additionally, he expressed gratitude to the township developer for “listening to the ideas of the government” and emphasized the need for public-private cooperation in achieving economic revival.

“We are emerging from a challenging period in our economic history. But we see that there are multiple sources of light. According to Marcos, “We see the light coming from our own people, from our government, and of course from our private sector partnerships, individual citizens, and all of those who have participated in the partnerships that we are slowly forging and to give everyone a part in this transformation of our economy.

The collaboration that we have observed and that is being upheld here is a really good illustration of just that. The government and the corporate sector must collaborate, therefore these strong relationships must be significant, he continued.

Marcos expressed confidence that the nation will gradually rebound following a significant pandemic-related downturn in 2020 as more firms continued to invest in the nation.

Malakas ang loob ko na makapagsabi na siguro sa ilang taon, hindi na tayo masyadong maghihintay, if we continue on this trajectory, I am very confident. In a few years, we won’t have to wait long to see more jobs, and not just any jobs, but quality jobs that have benefits, safety nets, and all the things our workers need, said Marcos. “Makikita natin na dadami ang trabaho at ang pinag-uusapan dito ay hindi ‘yung basta-basta trabaho kung hindi ‘yung magag

Jobs are important, but excellent jobs are even more crucial, and they will be provided for them here, he continued.

Kevin Tan, chief strategy officer for Megaworld, received appreciation from Marcos for “his continuous faith in the Philippines.”

“A shrewd businessman like Kevin would not make such a large investment if he did not believe it would be successful. And if the rest of the nation is prospering, only then will this succeed,” he added.

Marcos is hopeful that Megaworld’s 34-hectare township project will spur development in this city and the rest of Western Visayas.

“Since we have already started this development, it is especially important. What Megaworld started here, with assistance from the local and provincial governments, has been completed in this extremely historic location, he pointed out.

A restored 100-year-old BMMC train that was used to deliver sugarcane to the mill site is on display behind the memorial.

“I knew my father-in-law worked here, in this central, in this mill, before I came. Again, it is very important to Bacolod City,” the President stated.

Marcos continued by saying that in his opinion, the township development will give the populace “decent jobs.”

Which is something that is much, much more crucial because it involves great employment. They will receive that from this place. If you include the suppliers, consumers, and transport workers—all the auxiliary services that surround a huge development like this—you will realize that the downstream and upstream consequences are very considerable. I’m not just referring to the people who work here. The community will feel it, and that much is certain, the President added.

More than 500,000 direct and indirect employment are anticipated to be created in Negros Occidental as a result of the township’s growth and other firm investments in Bacolod, according to Tan.

Tan’s other significant ongoing projects, outside The Upper East, are the building of the Megaworld Lifestyle Mall and the opening of the first Landers Superstore in Western Visayas.

The Upper East is anticipated to create more than 500,000 direct and indirect jobs in Bacolod and Negros Occidental, according to Tan, a member of Marcos’ Private Sector Advisory Council and recipient of the “Adopted Son of Bacolod” award.

He stated that within the next five to ten years, roughly 100,000 people will have jobs thanks to the construction of office skyscrapers on the site that have been accredited by the Philippine Economic Zone Authority.

“Megaworld matches its efforts with the government’s objectives of producing jobs, kicking off tourism, and bringing in high-quality investments to the country,” Tan added. “Bacolod’s modern central business area is growing here in The Upper East.”

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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