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Laoag will test a 90-day traffic plan.

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To improve traffic flow along its main thoroughfares during weekday rush hour, the Laoag City government will implement a 90-day traffic plan.

On Tuesday, the Laoag City Traffic and Order Code’s specific provisions were suspended by an ordinance that the City Council unanimously approved on the second reading.

According to the proposed ordinance, the regional government will put the trial plan into effect for three months.

According to the suggested plan, to relieve traffic in downtown Laoag, eastbound automobiles will be permitted to make a left turn along Liberato Abadilla Street, General Segundo Avenue, and Don Eleuterio Ruiz Street.

As of right now, this law does not change the Laoag City Traffic and Order Code. “We will introduce the required adjustments if the 90-day traffic experiment proves to be successful,” Perera stated during the discussion of the proposal.

There is a need to put some precautions in place because city traffic has been worse since face-to-face classes resumed.

Once the present project is finished, additional bypass roads and a third bridge linking Laoag to the nearby town of San Nicolas are also anticipated to reduce traffic here.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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