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Eastern Visayas needs more treatment centers due to an increase in HIV/AIDS cases.

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In response to the increased number of cases of the HIV/AIDS virus, the Department of Health’s regional office in Eastern Visayas has requested that local governments establish more treatment centers and care clinics.

According to Jelyn Lopez-Malibago, a DOH regional information officer, the region now has 11 HIV treatment hubs spread across six provinces and one primary HIV care clinic in Ormoc City.

Hospitals that provide both inpatient and outpatient care are known as treatment hubs, while care clinics only provide outpatient care.

Malibago claims that these facilities are desperately required because the area is experiencing an uptick in the number of proven HIV-positive individuals living there.

According to surveillance data, at least 20 fresh confirmed cases were reported in the area in August of this year.

In addition, 95 HIV-related deaths have been reported in the area this year, with three more in August 2022.

There have been 1,536 HIV infections reported in the area since 1984.

In a phone conversation, Malibago stated that the spike was “150 percent greater compared to the instances identified in July 2022 and 60 percent higher compared to the cases of the same time period of the previous year.”

Male-to-male sex, having several partners, and having sex with someone of the opposite gender continue to be the main ways that HIV and AIDS are transmitted.

In order to decentralize access to HIV treatment care and support services, the National HIV, AIDS, and STI (sexually transmitted infection) Prevention and Control Program (NASPCP) of the region is requesting cooperation from the local governments.

There is still no treatment for HIV infection, according to Analiza Balila, the NASPCP regional coordinator. However, due to improved access to HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and care, the viral infection has evolved into a treatable chronic illness that allows those who have it to live long and healthy lives.

According to a statement from Balila, “The treatment hubs and care clinics provide accessibility, a system, and a mechanism to ensure a well-coordinated delivery of comprehensive services, not only in the provision of the clinical case but also in support and prevention services, thereby cutting the stigma on HIV.”

A person’s immune system will eventually be destroyed by the HIV virus, which assaults the immune system.

On the other hand, AIDS describes signs and conditions that appear towards the extreme end of HIV infection.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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