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Plan for catastrophe mitigation by accounting for economic loss: Binay

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A local government must accept that climate change is real and account for potential financial losses in addition to human life in order to be disaster-resilient.

The economic issue was one of the main topics of discussion at the Daring Cities 2022 summit held in Bonn, Germany, from October 3 to 7, according to Mayor Abby Binay, who was speaking at the opening of the “Poets for Climate” exhibit at Makati City Hall on Friday.

“You are genuinely blind if you cannot see that climate change is already taking place. There won’t be a tomorrow if you don’t get ready for it today. The time to act is now “said Binay.

According to Binay, climate change is affecting even developed nations, hence the Philippines needs to make adjustments as a disaster-prone nation.

“Typhoons are becoming more powerful. These storms are now referred to as super typhoons. Compared to previously, greater damage was caused “She spoke.

In August, Makati City became the first local government in Metro Manila to address the problem brought on by climate change by declaring a “state of climate emergency.”

Due to its mitigation initiatives, it is also the first city in Southeast Asia to be designated as a resilience hub by the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction.

In order to reduce energy usage and guarantee the continuity of government services during disasters, Binay recently stated that Makati is planning to purchase a fleet of electric vehicles as well as solar panels for public schools and government buildings.

According to Climate Reality Project Philippines, which organized the event along with Makati and the Embassy of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, the exhibit, which will be open until November 7, featured poems that demonstrate how the climate crisis is destroying and transforming landscapes and places and how advocates are reimagining the future of the places we live in.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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