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A French organization promises to fund efforts to combat climate change.

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The Philippines’ efforts to combat climate change have received 482 million euros in help from the Agence française de développement (French Development Agency).

The addition to the 250 million euros given to the Philippines last year for disaster risk reduction, readiness, and response at the local level was announced by Senate President Pro-Tempore Loren Legarda on Friday.

Legarda stated in a news release, “We appreciate your continuous support for the Philippines and other developing countries and we hope that France would be on their side so that the concerns of loss and damage, which are crucial to vulnerable nations, might also be defended or even debated.

In regards to biodiversity protection, sustainable development, and climate change, she continued, “I’m delighted that France does not cease in assisting to give technological, technical, capacity-building, and even financial assistance.”

Legarda previously emphasized the significance of the Paris Agreement, an international agreement on climate change that is enforceable under the law and was ratified by 196 parties at the Conference of the Parties 21 in Paris on December 12, 2015. It became effective on November 4, 2016, according to Legarda.

The Philippine delegation, led by Legarda and Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, met with French lawmakers on Tuesday in Paris.

“The Paris Agreement is one of the numerous causes and concerns that unite France and the Philippines. We appreciate our ratification of the Paris Accord in 2015 since we rank first in the World Risk Index and are the most susceptible country in the world, Legarda said.

The Philippines had the highest natural catastrophe risk among 193 countries, according to the September release of the World Risk Index 2022 study.

Colombia and Mexico came in second and third, respectively, after India and Indonesia.

“Droughts, heat waves, and floods are all seriously on the rise, and climate change is also having a significant impact on how risks are assessed. The first component of the equation for a country’s risk of an extreme natural occurrence becoming a disaster is exposure to nature and the climate “Peter Mucke, the project manager for the World Risk Report 2022, noted.

In order to decrease the effects of climate change on vulnerable nations like the Philippines, Legarda encouraged the European Union (EU) to enhance its National Determined Contributions.

According to the World Bank, the EU has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by its members by 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

It further stated that China, the US, and the EU account for 76% of all global greenhouse gas emissions.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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