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Gatchalian introduces a bill governing video and online games.

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Sen. Win Gatchalian wants to extend the authority of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to regulate video and online games in order to protect children’s safety and well-being as they are exposed to new technology.

In Senate Bill 1063, also known as the Video and Online Games and Outdoor Media Regulation Act, which seeks to alter the Presidential Decree 1986 that established the MTRCB, Gatchalian made this suggestion.

“As we continue to embrace new technology, we should make sure to provide our children with appropriate protection and guidance, especially from the influence and effect of this technology,” Gatchalian said.

According to 2020 gaming data, 43 million players were responsible for the industry’s remarkable growth in Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

The survey also revealed that 74 percent of Filipinos who play online games do so on mobile devices, compared to 65 percent who play PC games and 45 percent who play old-school console games.

According to the report, 43 million Filipino gamers spent USD572 million on games in 2019, making the country the 25th-largest market in the world by game revenue and a major force in Southeast Asia’s overall games business at the time.

Gatchalian suggests that the MTRCB control outdoor media, which includes billboards, advertising signs, Light Emitting Diode (LED) signs, ground signs, roof signs, and sign infrastructures, in addition to video and internet gaming.

The same process used for movies, television shows, still images, and other graphical advertisements shall be followed for authorizing or disapproving the presentation of video and online games, as well as outdoor media. Outdoor media, video games, and internet games will all be subject to the same evaluation and review process as well as the banning of any media judged inappropriate for consumption in the Philippines.

Any video game that has been classified by the Board as “Adults Only” is not allowed to be sold or distributed under Gatchalian’s proposal. It will also be illegal for a minor to obtain copies of video games marked “Adults Only” or to purchase or receive them while providing false identification as an adult.

The measure also stipulates that any video game packaging and printed or digital advertising that are sold and distributed in the Philippines must clearly disclose their rating on the front side in the format and style specified by the Board. On the other hand, digital copies of games are required to have the rating label visible on the menu screen.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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