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The subterranean cabling system in Davao strives for wire-free streets

Through its subterranean cabling infrastructure, the Davao Light and Power Co. Inc. (DLPC) is currently aiming to make another significant street in the city wire-free.

This happened after the electrical work for the underground cabling activities on San Pedro Street was almost finished; the first phase of the R. Magsaysay area’s civil construction is anticipated to be finished by the first quarter of 2023.

Leo Remulta, the project manager for the DLPC, stated in a statement on Monday that “after that, the electrical works will begin and are projected to be finished by the first quarter of 2024.”

A city ordinance established in 2017 that requires all telecommunications providers, including Davao Light, to convert overhead wires to an underground infrastructure also mandates the subterranean cabling scheme.

Since just a few cities in the nation have underground cabling systems, the system intends to draw more investors and tourists.

The Philippine Post Office is covered by the first phase of the underground cabling project in R. Magsaysay up until the corner of Suazo Street, according to Remulta.

“The DLPC’s civil works are currently 23.5 percent finished. According to him, this involves digging trenches and installing conduits and manholes so that pipes can be laid where the main lines would pass.

He claimed that because of the creativity of DLPC engineers, installing manholes that previously required 4-6 weeks will now only take 48 hours when using pre-fabricated ones.

“DLPC invented the pre-fabricated manhole to reduce project implementation costs and annoyance to the public. To significantly speed up the process, we build the manhole where the principal lines will pass through in a separate, regulated area and then deliver them to the construction site,” he said.

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