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According to PBBM, anticipatory evacuation during disasters saves lives.

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On Tuesday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. emphasized the value of proactive evacuation to lower the possibility of fatalities during emergencies.

Marcos instructed the local governments to make sure that all of their people, particularly those who live close to risk zones, are adhering to the preemptive evacuation plans during disaster scenarios during a post-typhoon situation briefing conducted in Antique.

36 people have now died as a result of Severe Tropical Storm Paeng, according to Maria Calpiza Sardua, assistant director of the Department of the Interior and Local Government’s (DILG-6) regional office in Western Visayas.

Marcos admitted that some people are reluctant to leave their homes during calamities, but he insisted that the government must make every effort to persuade them to help and remove them from the dangerous area.

“It’s exceedingly hard to persuade people to evacuate, according to the saying “mahirap talaga ipag-evacuate ang tao.” That’s a major issue. But you must do it even if it means sacrificing your own interests (even if they get mad at you). You must take action “At the Old Capitol Building in San Jose de Buenavista municipality, Marcos briefed a select group of regional line agency directors.

“Evacuation in advance is usually a smart move. As long as you can get the people out of the danger zone and out of harm’s way, you’re already ahead of the game, even if there is property damage that we are powerless to prevent “Added he.

At the briefing, Sardua informed Marcos that when Paeng hit the nation, 13 people perished in Antique, eight perished in Iloilo and Capiz, and seven perished in Aklan.

According to Sardua, who cited the police report, the causes of the fatalities were “electrocution, cardiac arrest, hypothermia, being swept away by a strong torrent of water, flash flood, and landslide.”

Local government units (LGUs) were “extremely well prepared,” she claimed, but she also acknowledged that they were “surprised” by Paeng’s strength.

Before a typhoon strikes their respective locales, Marcos stated LGUs must use all available means to bring the “10 percent” who are resistant to evacuation centers in order to reduce deaths.

“There are problems with evacuation everywhere. The issue with evacuation is there everywhere you go, ayaw nilang iwanan yung bahay nila. The desire for people to stay at home is strong. Of course, you cannot hold them responsible, “added he.

Marcos issued the order, noting that it is getting harder to follow the typhoons.

In order to ensure everyone’s safety and lessen the negative effects of typhoons on the nation, he said, the government’s disaster preparedness is essential.

“Once more, the proactive evacuation works, so let’s do it. It helps numerous folks “explained Marcos.

“Because I don’t know how to prepare, we really need to be ready. It is new to us, bago ito. Every aspect is fresh. But without a doubt, (perhaps), we stick to the routine, the processes, the preemptive evacuation procedures, our forward placement of relief supplies and water supply, “Added he.

Putting Calabarzon, Bicol, Western Visayas, and the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) under a state of calamity to speed the government’s and the private sector’s efforts at rescue, recovery, relief, and rehabilitation, Marcos issued Proclamation 84 on November 2.

Additionally, the proclamation of a state of calamity will provide the government adequate time to appropriate funding for relief operations and rehabilitation measures while also helping to regulate the prices of primary commodities and essential requirements in the affected areas.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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