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9 years after Yolanda, Filipino generosity and bravery still shine: PBBM

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The President of the Philippines, Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., said on Tuesday that despite the suffering that the typhoon victims through when Super Typhoon Yolanda wreaked havoc in 2013.

In a ceremony held at the Holy Cross Memorial Garden in Tacloban City, Leyte province, he said, “It is important to come to this commemoration because it is also a demonstration and manifestation of the strength and courage of Filipinos, to remind ourselves that Filipinos are brave, that Filipinos are kind, and that Filipinos will conquer all, especially if it is for their community, for their families, and for the land that they love.”

Marcos also stressed the need of remembering the thousands of victims who died, particularly the “uncounted dead,” on the ninth anniversary of the deadly typhoon.

“When we perform a remembrance of this kind, people would occasionally ask, “Why do we honor Yolanda still after nine years?” People who have experienced the loss of a loved one from their families have learned to cope with their grief. And even if we still feel sorry, their lives have continued “explained Marcos.

“So why keep going? Why mention it? I’ve come here to remember the uncounted dead, of which we are still unsure of the exact number. To memorialize those who were ordered not to remember, we must attend these commemorations “He said, seemingly doubting the veracity of the recorded death toll during Yolanda’s attack.

According to Marcos, failing to remember the Yolanda tragedy would mean that those who died in the super typhoon’s devastation “die” in memory.

“If you recall, the casualty count was stopped while there were still thousands of people unaccounted for. And we come here to remember those thousands, uncountable thousands “said he.

Yolanda’s fury was unleashed in the central Philippines in 2013, killing an estimated 6,300 people and displacing over 4.4 million more.

The Eastern Visayas region’s regional center, Tacloban City, was regarded as Yolanda’s epicenter.

Tacloban City has been “built back better,” which has delighted Marcos and given the Filipino people new cause for optimism.

“It is a magnificent sight to behold. Even if there may be catastrophes and disasters in other locations, we always have hope knowing that the Filipino spirit will never be broken. The Filipino spirit will always be strong and return their towns to normalcy. That’s what we remember “said he.

He also expressed gratitude to the world community and non-governmental groups for helping Yolanda victims.

“Again, [you] did all of this out of the goodness of your own heart. You saved the lives of many individuals. And we sincerely thank you for it “said Marcos.

At the Yolanda Memorial Mass Grave’s blessing in the Holy Cross Memorial Garden, Marcos also presented a wreath and was there.

Government support

Meanwhile, in the Leyte Academic Center in Palo town, also in Leyte, Marcos oversaw the formal distribution of various government benefits to the eligible recipients.

Receivers of the Department of Agriculture’s (DA) Rice Farmer Financial Assistance Program, the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s (DSWD) Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation (AICS), and the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DLE) TUPAD Emergency Employment Program all received cash assistance during the event.

Under the Department of Health’s Health Facilities Enhancement Program, an ambulance and a unit of a disinfection truck were supplied to the provincial government of Southern Leyte, respectively.

Laptops were also given out by the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) to those who would benefit from the Tech4ED program.

Despite the hardships the Filipino people are experiencing, Marcos claimed his government is determined to provide them with a comfortable existence.

So that is what he stated, “That is what we are putting at the top of our priority list.”

“Even if we fix it now, the situation won’t change overnight; it will likely take one, two, or three months before the effect materializes. However, in my experience. In one, two, or three months, it might be noticeable. However, I believe that we are moving in the correct direction “Marcos threw in.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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