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Iloilo City will switch to digital business transactions.

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The city administration here will implement the new electronic Business Process Licensing System (eBPLS) in 2023 to speed up, simplify, and increase the transparency of business activities.

In an interview on Wednesday, Velma Jane Lao, the local economic development and investment promotion officer for Iloilo City, said that clients wanted digital transactions for easier accessibility without traveling and face-to-face interaction, as well as for more transparent and effective dealings.

According to her, the entire business licensing procedure would be conducted online, from application to payment to permission release.

According to Lao, only the requirements for permit applications are now filed online; all other procedures are still carried out manually.

Last week, Lao and her colleagues visited Mandaue City in Cebu to perform benchmarking and learning visits while currently implementing the eBPLS.

They developed suggestions for switching to digital transactions commencing with the adoption of a law implementing the eBPLS in Iloilo City based on what they had learned.

“We are currently working to enact a new ordinance in order to put the new eBPLS into effect. The legal (office) has it now, she said.

Lao continued by saying that registration online is required for both new applicants and people looking to renew their licenses.

“They must register and apply for this renewal period in January because we need to put up the clean database that will serve as the foundation for their yearly renewal,” she said.

The local government plans to start using the system at some point this month, after which there will be extensive informational outreach on how to register a business and a quick training session for accounting firms on the process.

Lao stated that new candidates can begin setting up their accounts this year.

They will already have “perpetual” access to their information, tax returns, and payments through their new profile.

Approximately 17,000 firms have signed up with Iloilo yet, and they are anticipated to renew their licenses in 2019.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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