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Workers who are hurt or killed while performing their duties during catastrophes are eligible for EC benefits.

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Employees’ Compensation Commission benefits are due to those who were hurt, ill, or died while performing their jobs during disasters (ECC).

Jose Maria Batino, executive director of the ECC and the person in charge of Laging Handa, stated that self-employed individuals, domestic workers, and sea-based overseas Filipino workers are among the private sector employees who are eligible for this type of assistance (OFWs).

While qualified employees in the public sector must be uniformed employees and members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

For instance, rescuers in Bulacan who lost their lives while performing their duties amid the assault of Super Typhoon Karding have received assistance, according to Batino.

“Gov’t Service Insurance System members made up two of those rescues. They handled GSIS benefits and received financial aid from (the) ECC. In addition to typhoons, it also applies to earthquakes, said Batino.

Depending on the worker’s employment location, the daily cash reward can be anywhere from PHP200 and PHP480.

“For instance, the daily illness benefit in the private sector is PHP480. It costs PHP200 per day for the government, he added.

Employers in the private sector must submit applications for employees through their online SSS accounts, which can be used to submit claims for sickness or disability.

In-person claims can be made by government employees at GSIS locations.

Batino stated that although they are still processing sickness and funeral benefits for employees who caught the coronavirus illness 2019 (Covid-19), they are no longer providing cash help for this purpose.

“According to Stella Banawis, our former executive director, there have been 20,000 requests for Covid benefits. We are currently processing claims submitted between October and December 2021 “Added he.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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