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Making Asean climate-resilient requires new agricultural technology: Marcos

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President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stated on Friday that the Asean region has to adopt modern agricultural technologies to increase its climate resilience.

Marcos said the regional grouping could solve the climate catastrophe by enhancing its cooperation mechanism on environmental sustainability and comprehensive green economic plans in an intervention speech at the 41st Asean Summit Retreat in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

According to Marcos, the Asean must leverage technological advancements to strengthen regional collaboration on food security and guarantee regional self-sufficiency.

He urged his fellow Southeast Asian leaders to “transform our paradigm from the old, traditional farming ways to climate-smart agricultural systems, to better protect us from the ongoing detrimental consequences of climate change.”

In the statement, Marcos highlighted that environmental protection, national resilience, and adaptation to the new normal of climate change are among his main priorities.

“The actions we intend to take should help us become more wise, accountable, and sustainable in whatever we do,” he stated.

shared accountability

All countries, according to Marcos, have a “common responsibility” to combat climate change, with wealthy nations leading international initiatives to lessen its dangers and impacts.

He continued, “Developing countries are more susceptible to severe climate shocks, lose more when they occur, and have fewer means to deal with the negative effects of these shocks.

Marcos demanded that Southeast Asian countries speak with one voice to confront the climate catastrophe and achieve their commitment to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 at the 40th Asean Summit Plenary, which was also held on Friday.

He insisted that the Asean must continue to assist the Asean Center for Biodiversity (ACB) in its initiatives to protect, maintain, and promote the sustainable use of biodiversity as well as the adoption of science-based responses to climate change.

The Asean’s solution to the problem of declining biodiversity was the establishment of the ACB in 2005.

It is an intergovernmental organization that promotes cooperation and coordination between its ten members as well as with regional and international organizations regarding the preservation and sustainable use of biological diversity as well as the fair and equitable distribution of benefits resulting from the use of such natural treasures.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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