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ASEAN-US collaboration to boost trade, and security, according to PBBM

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the United States have begun a comprehensive strategic relationship to advance commerce, security, peace, and economic cooperation. President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. hailed this development.

The 10th ASEAN-US Summit held on Saturday in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, saw improved relations between the 10-member regional bloc and its dialogue partner.

State-run Radio Television Malacanang posted on Facebook that President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. “welcomes the joint declaration of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations establishing the ASEAN-United States of America Comprehensive Strategic Partnership at the 10th ASEAN-US Summit.”

The formation of the strategic alliance, according to US President Joe Biden, is “another crucial step” that would allow him and the leaders of ASEAN to address the “greatest concerns of our day,” he said in remarks to the summit.

In order to create an Indo-Pacific region that is “free and open, stable and prosperous, and resilient and safe,” Biden stated that ASEAN and the US must concentrate on the climate catastrophe, health security, threats to the rule of law, and dangers to the rules-based system.

“The core of the Indo-Pacific strategy of my administration is ASEAN. And we continue to fortify our resolve to cooperate in unison with an ASEAN that is strong and united “added he.

Biden continued, “We will create a better future, the better future we all say we want to see and the one we’re going to see.

Additionally, Biden anticipates that the US and ASEAN will work together to find creative solutions to common problems, as well as to settle the issues in the South China Sea and Myanmar.

global impact

Marcos encouraged the US to utilize its “global influence” to curb the rise in fuel prices, which has a negative impact on businesses and way of life, during his intervention.

We also call on the US to use its worldwide clout to alleviate the current global crisis brought on by the rise in fuel prices, which we are all currently experiencing. We also support long-term US support for the ASEAN Plan of Action on Energy Cooperation’s execution, he added.

Oil prices soared as a result of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine due to concerns about supply interruptions and the deployment of Western economic sanctions against Russia.

The battle also poses a threat to the world’s food and fertilizer supplies, which may interfere with the President’s initiative to revive the agricultural industry in order to achieve food self-sufficiency.

Marcos requested assistance from the US to combat climate change and safeguard the environment.

“We also make a plea for US assistance in the ASEAN Center for Biodiversity’s efforts. The Center protects the diverse ecosystems of ASEAN and mainstreams biodiversity in pertinent industries. This will boost resilience against natural disasters and the effects of climate change, according to Marcos.

He continued, “Additionally, its work is crucial in containing infectious zoonotic illnesses and pandemics that are emerging and reemerging.”

According to the Office of the President (OP), Marcos recognized the value of regional waterways, maritime security cooperation, and ASEAN-US relations, as well as the need to conserve marine resources in the Indo-Pacific.

The OP said, “Among the Philippines’ priorities in the summit are collaboration and partnerships on law enforcement, climate change mitigation, energy security, environmental protection, and disease and pandemic prevention.”

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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