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Iloilo mayor: Report indicators of ASF and request intervention.

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The city administration requested people to report any potential indicators of African swine fever (ASF) that appear on their hogs to the office of the city agriculture or the city veterinarian on Monday.

“ASF is very contagious. When the city veterinarian is informed, we can take precautions to safeguard other hogs who are exhibiting no signs, stated Mayor Jerry Treas at a press conference.

In Barangay Tacas in the Jaro area, where a swine death was recorded, quarantine has been imposed, according to Treas.

The slaughterhouse, which is located in the same barrio, no longer accepts pigs from towns where there have been recorded cases of ASF or those without the necessary paperwork from the relevant government agencies.

According to a report from the barangay captain, one boar, two sows, and their 36 piglets passed away and were buried, according to City Veterinarian IV Dr. Suzette Leal.

Following Severe Tropical Storm Paeng’s onslaught, the sows developed a cough and eventually perished. Their piglets later perished from starvation as a result.

Leal reported that there had been no other fatalities in the neighborhood.

She claimed that specimen extraction will stop, but that there will still be border controls to stop hogs from entering and leaving the country.

On Sunday, they also looked into the alleged deaths of three pigs belonging to a barangay kagawad and another pig that was put in a sack and dumped into Dungon Creek in Barangay Calubihan, also in Jaro.

While it was no longer possible to ascertain what caused the animals’ deaths, the dead creatures were properly disposed of.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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