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At the Manila Central Post Office, a stamp bazaar is held.

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The Philippine Stamp Collectors Society (PSCS), in collaboration with the Philippine Post Office, held its annual “Stamp Bazaar” on November 12 in Liwasang Bonifacio’s historic Manila Central Post Office lobby in honor of 2022 National Stamp Collecting Month and the 255th anniversary of the founding of the Philippine Postal System.

The major function of the Post Office is to honor and immortalize the rich history, culture, and accomplishments of the Philippines through the issuance of stamps, postcards, and official philatelic objects in addition to delivering mail and packages.

Both older and younger generations of stamp collectors have demonstrated that despite the rise of the internet, the use of stamps in everyday life in the Philippines has not diminished.

Because of their historical, cultural, and educational importance, stamps haven’t lost their value, according to PSCS President Jorge Cuyugan, who stated as much in a news release on Tuesday.

Everyone who collects stamps agrees that the hobby has amused and educated them while providing an investment potential for others.

Philately, or stamp collecting, has been popular in the nation for more than a century and has drawn millions of visitors from around the globe. Postage stamps could be compared to a tiny museum of international icons, an exotic library, or a collection of miniature works of art.

Topics covered by stamps include the environment, national heritage, world culture, famous people, animals, sports, and heroism, among others.

The National Commission for Culture and the Arts planned a free, narrated Heritage Tour for participants in and around the famous post office building, which was constructed in 1926 and is recognized as an Important Cultural Property.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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