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Laoag controls the usage of single-use plastics.

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According to a local official, a team has been established by the government to monitor whether vendors adhere to the city’s “anti-plastic” policy.

The team will conduct unforeseen inspections in markets as part of the strict implementation of the BAYONG (Bring Along Your Own Natural Greenbag) ordinance, which regulates the use of plastic bags and completely outlaws the use of styrofoam packaging, according to Blenda Almo, officer-in-charge of the Laoag City Public Market and Commercial Complex, on Tuesday.

Market visitors have been encouraged to carry their own eco-bags or containers when they intend to purchase fish or meat goods to avoid inconvenience.

Mylene Pascual, the city’s environment and natural resources officer, reiterated the ordinance’s penalties after a significant information drive: a PHP3,000 fine and a stern warning for a first offense; a PHP4,000 fine and the issuance of a closure order for three months for a second offense; and a PHP5,000 fine and cancellation of the business permit for a third offense.

A person who breaches the law may also be subject to fines of PHP 500 for a first offense, PHP 1,000 plus a severe warning for a second violation, and PHP 3,000 plus a possible jail sentence of up to six months or both for a third crime, depending on the judges’ discretion.

According to the regulation, businesses are not allowed to sell or use plastic bags or styrofoam for packaging. Wet items are, however, exempt from this rule provided that they are restricted. Paper bags and “green” bags that are favorable to the environment are great choices for packing or wrapping dry items.

The environment officer intends to address the adverse effects of the excessive use and disposal of hazardous wastes that cause environmental degradation, flooding, and sanitation issues in the city by the strict application of the law.

The city will also use the fines collected from each arrest to provide incentives. The prize is split as follows: 50% goes to the city government, 25% goes to the person or organization that apprehends the criminal as a “trust fund,” and the remaining 25% goes to the informant.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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