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On January 8, there will be a “Walk of Faith” from Luneta to Quiapo.

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A Quiapo priest announced on Thursday that a Walk of Faith, also known as Lakad Pananampalataya, will be held at midnight on January 8 in preparation for the Feast of the Black Nazarene.

Father Earl Valdez said that the Walk of Faith will begin at the Quirino Grandstand in Luneta and travel to the Minor Basilica on Quezon Boulevard in Manila. He urged followers to bring tiny versions of the Black Nazarene to display during the procession.

The procession, in Valdez’s opinion, is distinct from the standard Traslacion.

“We won’t be processing the Black Nazarene image. Instead, we invite followers to bring the miniature copies they use for meditation and prayer. We also request that the followers bring rosaries, candles, and facial masks,” he wrote in a Viber message. “The Walk of Faith/Lakad Pananampalataya will take place at midnight on January 8 in the early hours. By the afternoon of January 8, Masses will be held in Quiapo every hour, so this will prevent congestion at the entrance and departure points of the church.

Valdez pointed out that the January 8 event is also a means of getting ready for them to hold the Traslacion once more.

In any event, he explained, “This Walk of Faith is done to allow us to gradually return to the habit of having a parade in honor of the Black Nazarene, but because of the epidemic, sans the image and with constraints.” In a way, it’s also a slow start to activity again, perhaps in advance of the genuine Traslacion in the years to come.

Valdez stated that the procession’s path was still being planned.

In light of the ongoing threat posed by the pandemic, Quiapo Church officials had said that the Traslacion will still be suspended in order to protect public health in 2019.

However, there will also be other celebration-related events, such as the Feast Day Mass at the Quirino Grandstand, which will be officiated by Manila Archbishop Jose Cardinal Advincula, and the ongoing Fiesta Masses at the Basilica from the afternoon of January 8 to the evening of January 9, for a total of 34 Masses.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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