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There have been 127 cases of HFM documented in Albay.

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The 127 instances of hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) that have been reported thus far, particularly among the province’s younger people, are being attentively watched by the Albay Provincial Health Office (PHO).

In an interview on Friday, Dr. Nataniel Rempillo, head of the Albay Provincial Health Office (PHO), stated that ongoing coordination and case investigation were being carried out by their staff to guarantee the correct transmission of knowledge about HFMD in the afflicted districts.

“PHO Sanitary Chief Engr. William Sabater provided health education on HFMD, disinfected schools, and provided other information pertinent to the disease to several local government units (LGUs) in the province that kept track of cases (HFMD cases). The information is provided so that they can take the necessary steps to stop the cases from rising “explained Rempillo.

He advised rigorous handwashing and the use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers for hand hygiene in order to prevent the disease.

The minimum public health standards, such as mask use, respiratory hygiene, cough etiquette, disinfection of high surfaces touched and shared items, avoidance of close contacts such as kissing, hugging, or sharing eating utensils or cups, and touching of skin lesions with infected people must also be observed and practiced, according to Rempillo.

The most typical signs of HFMD include fever, mouth sores, and skin rash, which typically appears on the buttocks, arms, and legs or on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.

Person-to-person contact, including coming into contact with infected feces, nasal and throat secretions, or respiratory droplets, is how HFMD is spread.

According to Rempillo, contact with surfaces and objects contaminated by enteroviruses leads to HFMD, which does not originate from pigs or any other animals.

“There is no specific treatment for this because most cases resolve on their own in seven to ten days and are often minor and self-limiting. When they have been afebrile for more than 24 hours and all of the lesions have dried and healed, they are regarded as being non-infectious. It is not a fatal illness, “explained he.

Rempillo added that HFMD is an infectious condition that affects youngsters more frequently due to their tendency to playfulness.

From January 1 to November 18, 2022, cases of HFMD were reported in the following areas: Camalig, Daraga, Legazpi City, Malilipot, Oas, Polangui, and Tabaco City (14, 34, 43, 4, 4, and 43 respectively).

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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