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On the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Marcos continues to take a “diplomatic” posture.

On Saturday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. promoted the use of diplomacy to resolve the ongoing confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

Marcos said in a press conference after taking part in the 29th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Bangkok, Thailand, “We have to halt the fighting and we have to go on to diplomacy.”

Following a declaration from 21 APEC economies, the majority of which denounced the Russia-Ukraine situation, Marcos made the remark.

The crisis in Ukraine is “creating great human suffering and worsening existing fragilities in the global economy,” according to the joint statement agreed by APEC members.
While the majority of APEC leaders criticized the ongoing conflict, Marcos said that others had different opinions about the situation and the sanctions.

According to Marcos, the Philippines would retain its stance of “enemy to none, friend to all.”

As he admitted that the impacts of the Russia-Ukraine conflict “are so far-reaching and profound to the detriment of many economies and the food supply of everyone in the globe,” Marcos reiterated his demand for a peaceful resolution.

“I continued reassuring everyone that the foundation of our foreign policy is peace and national interest. This is our compass. And I believe that most people are well aware of this. The adage “enemy to none, friend to all” still holds true. We continue to believe that “said he.

However, Marcos said, “War is inadmissible, and we implore all parties concerned. I gave multiple speeches calling for the restoration of peace in Ukraine and the transfer of the conflict to the diplomatic sphere.

The energy and food markets have been disrupted by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, which has also severely harmed civilians and left millions without access to basic essentials like food, water, and other necessities.

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