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Marcos to DENR: Enforce safety regulations at mining companies

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On Tuesday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. ordered the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to compel both small and large-scale mining companies to adhere to regulations that guarantee mining workers’ safety.

Marcos bemoaned the failure of mining companies, particularly those engaged in criminal activities, to establish basic safety precautions inside the mines during a meeting with DENR representatives on Tuesday at Malacanang Palace.

“The miners are kawawa, that much is clear. They are in no way safe. The miners are the victims here, to use the Filipino phrase. They are in no way safe. many of them pass away) “said he.

For mining industry employees, social security and protection must be improved, according to Marcos.

He continued, “We might have access to money, and they might have access to social protection.”

He also encouraged the DENR to deal with obstacles in order to control the small-scale mining sector.

“We want to legalize the small-scale mining enterprises since many of them are unlawful and as a result, the miners have no protection,” Marcos stated.

He said, “We want to strengthen the regulatory environment to enable them to operate lawfully, to provide our miners with help and protection for their safe job, and to do all of this, we want to strengthen the regulatory framework.”

lowering emissions of carbon

Marcos also emphasized the need for the maritime sector to adopt practices that will lower carbon emissions.

In order to prepare for the projected change of oceangoing boats to green hydrogen as a fuel source from 2030 to 2040, he emphasized the necessity to “upskill and reskill” the seafaring workforce.

In order to achieve the goals of global decarbonization, he claimed that seafarers would require “extra training” to handle alternate fuels.

Leading organizations from across the shipping value chain and green hydrogen producers signed a joint statement at the recently concluded 27th Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) in Egypt pledging to swiftly produce and use low-carbon fuels based on green hydrogen in order to hasten the decarbonization of global shipping.

Without any action, the shipping industry’s share of global greenhouse gas emissions, which is currently 3%, is predicted to increase to 50% by 2050.

Marcos has advocated for the growth of renewable energy sources numerous times in an effort to alleviate the issue of the nation’s high electricity rates.

He stated that the Philippines is currently concentrating on employing renewable energy sources such as hydropower, geothermal power, solar, and other low-emission energy sources during his attendance at the 29th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Bangkok last week.

According to him, his administration has set a goal for the share of renewable energy in the mix of power generation to reach 35 percent by 2030 and 50 percent by 2040.

In order to encourage small-scale mining and provide social aid and labor protection for all small-scale miners, Marcos previously called for the revision of the Republic Act (RA) 7076, also known as the People’s Small-Scale Mining Act of 1991.

Small-scale mining is defined by legislation as mining that makes extensive use of manual labor and uses straightforward procedures and implements.

Small-scale mining is included in RA 7076 as a practice that “does not use explosives or heavy mining equipment.”

The DENR pledged to evaluate mining laws, especially those governing small-scale mining, in order to guarantee that standards are current and that the implementation of relevant rules and regulations fully exploits advances in remote sensing and artificial intelligence.

Even though the industry makes up less than 1% of the nation’s GDP, the Marcos administration sees mining as one of the key drivers of the economy’s development.

In the Philippines, between 70 and 80 percent of small-scale miners are thought to be engaged in illicit activity.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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