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Musk polls Twitter users to choose whether suspended accounts should be reinstated.

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On Wednesday, billionaire Elon Musk polled Twitter users to determine if accounts that had been suspended in the past should be allowed to reactivate as part of a “universal amnesty.”

In a poll, Twitter’s CEO posed the question, “Should Twitter provide a general amnesty to suspended accounts, assuming that they have not breached the law or engaged in severe spam?”

With more than 207,000 votes already cast and over a day remaining in the voting period, the overwhelming majority of respondents, or 74%, agreed that Musk should press forward with his idea.

Several accounts, including those of Kanye West, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and former president Donald Trump, who was suspended for breaking Twitter’s rules, have already been reinstated by Musk.

Trump’s tweets from the Capitol uprising on January 6, 2021, were prohibited for breaking the laws against inciting violence. West’s account was banned for posting anti-Semitic tweets, including one that threatened “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE,” while Greene was suspended after tweeting false information on the coronavirus numerous times.

As he attempts to turn the service profitable by implementing mass layoffs and attempting to implement policies that have been met with widespread internal opposition on the platform, leading to additional staff losses or quickly rolled back, Musk’s ownership of Twitter, now rounding out its first month, has been marked by widespread chaos at the company.

Teams that were previously responsible for keeping an eye on adherence to Twitter’s internal policies have been completely destroyed.

Users who have paid for the service to spoof prominent identities have repeatedly overturned Musk’s attempts to implement a widespread USD8 per month authentication system, further destabilizing the platform.

The stock of the pharmaceutical company fell after a short, nine-word tweet made by a phony account posing as Eli Lilly & Co. earlier this month falsely claimed the company would make insulin free.

The Twitter account displayed the blue verified check mark, which the platform has long used to denote an account’s legitimacy.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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