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AirAsia says there has been no breach of passenger data.

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On Thursday, AirAsia Philippines gave its customers the reassurance that none of their private information had been exposed as a result of the recent ransomware assault on its parent company, Capital A.

Several websites claim that a recent ransomware attack on AirAsia resulted in the airline receiving a warning that over 5 million online records holding the personal information of passengers and workers would be made public.

Cybercriminals utilize ransomware, a form of malware (malicious software), to either prevent victims from accessing their data or to demand ransom payments in order to prevent data publication.

“Capital A is strengthening its cybersecurity system in the wake of a recent attempted ransomware attack. AirAsia Philippines claimed in a statement that operations were as usual.

Carlo Carongoy, public affairs manager for AirAsia Philippines, claimed that following the incident, Capital A employed IT, specialists.

He told the Philippine News Agency that “these specialists will search for answers on how to improve the cyber security, as well as measures to prevent such catastrophe.”

He continued, “The company also ran an education campaign and encouraged the staff to change their passwords.”

The statement added, “We assure our guests that no critical data, including passwords or financial information, were exposed.”

The National Privacy Commission (NPC), in the meantime, discovered on Thursday that there was no evidence of Filipino data being used in the ransomware attack against AirAsia.

The NPC said in a statement that AirAsia reported a breach on Wednesday through the web portal of the NPC’s Data Breach Notification Management System, with a claimed date of discovery of Nov. 20.

The NPC stated, “According to preliminary assessments, there is no indication that there is Filipino data involved.”

On November 11 and 12, AirAsia was attacked, and the hacking collective Daixin team took credit for it.

The name of the passengers and employee information, which included their name, date of birth, country of birth, location, date employment started, and other sensitive information, were exposed, according to Databreaches.net, which got two.csv files from the Daixin team.

The representative for the Daixin team allegedly tried to negotiate with AirAsia to demand ransom in return for erasing the hacked data.

AirAsia inquired “in great detail” about how the criminal organization would remove their data but has subsequently decided against negotiating.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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