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The Kadiwa caravan will continue beyond the holiday season: PBBM

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stated on Thursday that the Kadiwa ng Pasko initiative would continue to be carried out after the Christmas holiday. He also stressed the significance of providing Filipino consumers with more reasonably priced goods.

Marcos sought partnerships with local government organizations (LGUs) during the Kadiwa ng Pasko procession in Quezon City to assure the project’s success.

“Magtutulungan na ang Office of the President (OP) at ang ating mga LGU para lahat dahan-dahang kumakalat ang dami nito,” the statement continued. The Office of the President and the LGUs will collaborate to spread additional [Kadiwa] stores. Kaya’t ‘yan po ang ating dapat ipagpatuloy. The project will proceed, said Marcos.

“At the same time, I made the statement that even after the New Year, the Pasko Kadiwa would not be ititigil for me. ‘Yan patuloy nang patuloy. I would say that we will continue the Kadiwa ng Pasko initiative even after the New Year. Hangga’t maaari ay patuloy ang Kadiwa para naging national program, para lahat ng buong Pilipinas ay makikita naman nila at makakatikim naman sila nung savings doon sa kanilang mga binibili. This will continue, allowing the entire nation to save even more money on the goods they are purchasing from the caravan, he continued.

The Kadiwa ng Pasko project, an initiative of the Office of the President and supervised by the Department of Agriculture, was formally inaugurated on Nov. 16 to promote inexpensive and high-quality goods.

The initiative enables consumers to acquire goods at lower prices and gives local agricultural producers and micro, small, and medium-sized businesses access to a market (MSMEs).

Marcos emphasized that the project also allows the government to sell rice for PHP25 per kilo, which is considerably less expensive.

Christmas present

Marcos claimed that the Kadiwa ng Pasko initiative is the “wonderful” Christmas present his administration is giving the Filipino people.

I believe it would make a nice Christmas present, Kaya’t Palagay ko stated. “I’m hoping it’s a present that keeps coming. And that is the goal we have been pursuing.

Additionally, he extended his gratitude to the Kadiwa caravan’s partners and participants, particularly the Quezon City LGU, which served as the project’s governance model.

“Salamat sa inyong lahat sa inyong pakikilahok, maraming, maraming. Yao po nagtutulungan. In fact, you are still in need of a tulungan, and your paraan is now in good hands. (Thank you everybody for participating. I appreciate it very much.) Tayo pagka sabay-sabay ang ating galaw, at least as long as no one else was present. We are assisting one another. To accomplish our aim, we must work together and find a solution, remarked Marcos.

decreasing market volatility

By the first quarter of 2023, Marcos also aimed to stabilize the cost of commodities on the domestic markets.

In the case, that market prices rise to “the same as what we can give in the Kadiwa [caravan],” the goal of the Kadiwa project will alter, according to him.

We won’t need the Kadiwa any longer once we reach the point where it is no longer required when market prices are equal to what we can offer in the Kadiwa. Maybe we’ll only implement the project for distribution to people in remote locations,” remarked Marcos.

Pinapakalat lang natin (we currently need to establish additional stalls) over the country, but we’re not quite there yet. As of today, we have enough stock to last us through at least February or March of next year. Hopefully, by then, market commodity prices would have stabilized, he continued.

In order to combat the inflation and price increases brought on by the Christmas season, the Kadiwa ng Pasko project was started.

It offers a direct farm-to-consumer food supply chain that helps local agricultural producers earn more money by removing multiple marketing intermediaries.

In collaboration with the departments of trade, interior, local government, social welfare, and labor, the caravan is being put into action.

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