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For the holiday season, 14K police officers have been deployed around Metro Manila.

According to a National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) spokesman, some 14,000 police officers have been stationed in Metro Manila to ensure a tranquil and orderly Yuletide celebration.

The NCRPO will be keeping an eye on events over the upcoming Christmas season leading up to the New Year celebrations, according to a statement from NCRPO spokesperson Lt. Col. Dexter Versola.

They will also keep an eye on all PNP units’ operations in the areas of law enforcement and public safety, right down to police stations. They will pay particular attention to how things are going in churches and other gathering places during the customary Simbang Gabi (night masses) and Misa de Gallo.

The NCRPO’s five police district directors have been told to undertake security assessments in their respective regions to identify crime-prone locations and organize the deployment of foot and mobile patrols in accordance, he said.

Five districts are included in the NCRPO: the Manila Police District (MPD), Quezon City Police District (QCPD), Northern Police District (NPD), Southern Police District (SPD), and Eastern Police District (EPD).

According to Versola, the police deployment and other safety initiatives during the holiday season are also intended to support the NCRPO’s anti-crime initiative, led by Brig. Gen. Jonnel Estomo, which has led to a steady decrease in index crimes in Metro Manila.

When asked about the crime rate, Brig. Gen. Jonnel C. Estomo said, “Noong nag assume ang ating Regional Director kung ay bumaba na yung crime rate mula noong September papunta na ng October, November. The crime rate decreased after Brig. Gen. Estomo took over his position from September to October and November. This is due to the program that the appointing regional director implemented. The program called S.A.F.E. NCRPO, which stands for “the police must be Seen, all programs must be appreciated by the people, all program must be Felt by the people, and all actions must be Extraordinary,” was started by our regional director and is responsible for the decrease in crime rates, he told reporters in a phone interview.

According to Versola, the campaign, which essentially increases police visibility in Metro Manila, was put into place on August 26 following Estomo’s assumption of command and led to a drop in reported crimes from 663 in September to 596 in October and finally to 468 in November.

According to statistics, there were a lot fewer index crimes in November of this year than there were in November of 2020 and 2021 (829 and 599, respectively).

“There is already concrete evidence, not only in the data, of course citizens are also stating that people are seeing more,” said Versola. “Nagkaroon na ng concrete evidence, hindi lang doon sa data, of course nasasabi rin ng mga mamamayan na mas nakikita po ng tao.”

To develop a coordinated collaboration with the general public and religious sectors for the improvement of the public service, the NCRO has increased its efforts in cascading KASIMBAYANAN (KApulisan, SIMBAhan, at PamaYANAN) down to their lowest-ranking police officer.

According to Estomo, combating crime, terrorism, vices, illegal drugs, and other community threats is best done in concert, and maintaining peace and order in the community requires the support of the community, whose values have been appropriately influenced and strengthened by religious or spiritual beliefs and inclinations.

“With the help of the church and the general public, we may enhance our desire for law and order, criminal justice reform, and internal security through Kasimbayanan and, of course, S.A.F.E NCRPO. In order to maintain public peace and order and bring about organizational change, I think it is everyone’s responsibility to assign Kasimbayanan to each of their responsibilities “Estomo made a different statement.

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