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NTC-10 Register SIM cards to avoid deactivation.

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The public was advised by the Northern Mindanao National Telecommunications Commission (NTC-10) on Wednesday to register their Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards to avoid deactivation when the new law takes effect.

Teodoro Buenavista Jr., director of NTC-10, stated that customers have six months to register the cards they use on their mobile devices in accordance with Republic Act 11934, also known as the SIM Registration Act, which is anticipated to go into effect on December 27.

There was a mall nearby that has expressed interest in offering us some space for the registration rollout, the official said during a news conference. “As one of the agencies charged to apply its rules and norms, the registration will be done online,” he said.

Users must present legitimate identification cards, according to Buenavista.

Mobile devices use SIM cards, which are chips, to access services and signals for calls, text messages, and internet data.

Public Telecommunications Entities (PTEs) or private telecommunications firms offer the services.

Pre-paid and post-paid SIM cards must be registered under the law, according to Buenavista.

Out of the 158.6 million active SIM cards in the Philippines, Buenavista stated roughly 82 percent are prepaid.

“The enactment of this law was mainly to limit the spread of fraud and spam messages. Our study reveals six out of 10 Filipinos are in favor of SIM registration law,” he explained.

A fine of at least PHP100,000 for the first offense and up to PHP1 million for the third and subsequent offenses may be imposed for failure or unwillingness to register.

The law also provides a protection clause for PTEs to uphold data privacy.

For violation of confidentiality, PTEs and their agents may be punished for a minimum of PHP500,000 to a maximum of PHP4 million.

Providing false information, “spoofing” a registered SIM, selling stolen SIM, and transferring SIM cards without complying with the registration process can also be liable to penalties.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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