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PNP will improve communication with AFP and PCG to combat smuggling.

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In order to stop smugglers in their tracks, Philippine National Police (PNP) commander Gen. Rodolfo Azurin Jr. stated on Monday that the PNP is considering further interoperability training programs with the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Coast Guard.

“More training is required, especially for special operations in crucial locations like Tawi-Tawi, Basilan, Sulu, and Palawan. There is a need for our troops from the Maritime Group to be present even in the northern portion of the country since there is where we have our border with Taiwan, Azurin stated in a radio interview.

According to Azurin, the PNP-Maritime Group will be able to acquire the essential abilities for marine operations thanks to the scheduled training with the military and coast guard.

In addition to training, he continued, “we also need more high-speed tactical watercraft for patrol.”

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) and law enforcement agencies continue to collaborate to combat smuggling.

The BOC recorded a total revenue collection of PHP790.301 billion from January to November last week in its preliminary report.

This was more than the year’s target revenue collection of PHP721.52 billion.

closer links between the PNP and Indonesian police

The PNP and the Indonesian National Police have taken steps to improve their mutual collaboration on regional security problems.

Through a memorandum of understanding signed on Monday in Camp Crame, Quezon City, the police agencies of the two countries reaffirmed their respective commitment to cooperation, capacity-building, and combating transnational crimes.

In order to foster stronger and longer-lasting Philippines-Indonesia relations on law enforcement and regional security, representatives of the Indonesian National Police (INP) paid Azurin a courtesy visit to explore bilateral collaboration between the two nations in combating transnational crimes.

In order to undertake bilateral discussions in advance of the next Joint Committee Meeting for 2023 and to make plans for the joint Maritime Law Enforcement Exercises (MARLEX) in 2023, some 13 INP officials, led by Agung Setya I.E., Deputy for Operations Affairs, are in the nation.

“May this project provide a platform to improve our integration mechanisms and joint civil relations activities toward realizing our ambitions for peace, security, and the advancement of our nations in the best ASEAN tradition, “added Azurin.

Directors from the PNP Directorate for Intelligence (DI), Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management (DIDM), Directorate for Operations (DO), Directorate for Plans (DPL), Directorate for Police Community Relations (DPCR), Directorate for Human Resource and Doctrine Development (DHRDD), Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG), Maritime Group (MG), Intelligence Group, and Philippine Nation Agency (PNA) were also present for the high-level visit and bilateral meeting (PNPA).

“I am optimistic that today’s meeting will maintain a strong partnership between the Philippines and Indonesia, particularly in developing effective policies as allies to make the region a place of safety, security, and prosperity for all, “Azurin included.

Central Visayas sees a decline in crime

In the meantime, the Central Visayas Police Regional Office (PRO)-7 has seen a decline in crime during the past two months.

The PRO-7 ascribed this to the targeted anti-crime security modifications and deployment, which also resulted in a criminal clearance efficiency of more than 99 percent.

From October through the first week of December, a total of 37,444 offenses were reported, down 5.24 percent from the 39,514 incidents reported during the same time period last year, according to data from the PRO-7.

The number also decreased by 9.84 percent for major crimes like murder, homicide, robbery, and kidnapping which are considered index crimes.

The decrease in offenses is a result of an active anti-criminality program that was put in place over the past two months, according to PRO-7 director Brig. Gen. Roderick Augustus Alba.

In addition, he stated that a total of 21,033 criminal cases out of 21,171 had been resolved.

This amounts to a 99.35 percent crime clearance efficiency and an 18,361 case-solved criminal solution efficiency of 86.73 percent.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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