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The PH Congress-Bangsamoro Parliament Forum is approved by the House.

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A resolution requesting the immediate formation and convening of the Philippine Congress-Bangsamoro Parliament Forum was approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Representative Rex Gatchalian of the Valenzuela 1st District presented House Concurrent Resolution No. 6, which was unanimously approved.

The BARMM was established by Republic Act 11054, which was enacted into law in response to the people’s desire for development and freedom from fear, violence, and instability in Mindanao, the head of the House Committee on Local Government said in his address in support of the bill.

A Philippines Congress-Bangsamoro Parliament Forum must be established in accordance with RA 11054 “for the sake of collaboration and coordination of legislative proposals.”

“Four years after this significant piece of legislation was passed, much progress has been continuously made toward lasting peace and development, but much work still needs to be done in sustaining the peace gains and addressing the myriad issues in the Bangsamoro Region,” said Gatchalian, who is also one of the resolution’s authors.

In its current form, he said, “the Philippine Congress-Bangsamoro Parliament Forum will provide the platform for consultation, understanding, and partnership between the National and Bangsamoro governments in formulating the necessary legislative measures that will bring sustainable socio-economic development and progress in the region.”

He emphasized that the Parliament Forum will specifically make sure that legislative initiatives at the national and regional levels are coordinated since it will act as the best instrument to address problems and demands that call for joint legislative action.

The Bangsamoro Transition Authority’s remaining priority codes, such as the Administrative Code, Revenue Code, Electoral Code, Local Government Code, and Education Code, as well as other legislative initiatives that may subsequently be proposed for the continued cooperation of the Philippine Congress and the Bangsamoro, have already been prioritized in a recent coordination meeting held by the Presidential Legislative Liaison Office.

The House of Representatives, according to Gatchalian, “are also confirming our strong commitment to securing national government support for the regional autonomous government by founding the Philippine Congress-Bangsamoro Parliament Forum.”

“We pushed for the quick creation and convening of the Philippine Congress-Bangsamoro Parliament Forum for the smooth implementation of RA 11054 and attainment of sustainable peace and development for the people of Mindanao and the entire Filipino people,” he continued.

Since a concurrent resolution requires approval by both chambers of Congress, the House swiftly adopted Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 5 as an amendment to HCR 6 once it passed.

On December 6, the Senate previously adopted a concurrent resolution to create the Philippine Congress-Bangsamoro Parliament Forum.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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