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As Christmas approaches, expect vegetable costs to increase.

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Less than two weeks before Christmas, the Department of Agriculture predicts that vegetable prices will rise (DA).

Rex Estoperez, a deputy spokesperson for the DA, stated during a Laging Handa public briefing on Tuesday that they have learned that some veggies’ costs had increased, which he noted is typical around the Holidays.

Iyong atin pong mga gulay, galing doon sa northern area, nagtaasan din, lalung-lalo na sa panahog natin sa pansit, mayroon kaming impormasyon na iyong atin. But based on the information we have, we can say that the presyo is now undersupply in the relevant areas. Consequently, we anticipate that starting in the near future, the price of the vegetables we import from the northern region, particularly those used to make Filipino noodle dishes, would be fair. However, according to our research, the greater supply has also resulted in a decrease in pricing. Therefore, we anticipate that the costs of the veggies we’ll need for Christmas will likewise be fair, said Estoperez.

The noodle dish typically contains the following vegetables: cabbage, carrot, celery, pea pods, onion, and garlic.

According to the DA’s price monitoring watch as of Dec. 13, cabbage is sold for PHP140 per kilo, which is PHP20 more than the previous day. Carrots are still being sold for PHP100 per kilo, onions are still being sold for PHP300 per kilo, and both imported and native garlic are still being sold for PHP100 and PHP250 per kilo, respectively.

Potato and tomato per-kilo costs decreased by PHP10 to PHP130 and PHP90, respectively.

Vegetables from highland Baguio, according to Estoperez, shouldn’t be too expensive for consumers.

“However, iyong ating mga retailer po naglilitanya. May binayaran na gasolina, may binayaran silang ganito, may binayaran iyong handling, tubig, and puwesto. “But our retailers are whining — they pay for this, they pay for fuel, for handling, for water, for the place — those are their complaints,” Estoperez said.

Market managers, according to him, ought to assist the DA and local governments in keeping an eye on prices.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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