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The scheme for scholarships and returns aims to address the nurse shortage

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Representative Ray Florence Reyes of the Anakalusugan Party-List submitted a measure on Wednesday that would create a scholarship and return service program to solve the nation’s nursing shortage.

“Every year, hundreds of nurses leave our organization searching for better opportunities. Our health system is severely impacted by this vast migration of medical professionals, which has caused it to fail. We created this measure because no one was addressing it, Reyes said.

The “Nursing Scholarship and Return Service Program Act,” or House Bill No. 6631, seeks to award meritorious students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in nursing at state universities and colleges or private higher education institutions with a “pay it forward” scholarship in order to close the growing gap between the number of local nurses and hospital beds.

“We want to offer a scholarship program to people who want to study nursing in college and continue it as a career, then we want to develop a return service program to pay the scholarship forward through community service. The development of our healthcare human resources will help us better serve our population and guarantee that there are enough registered nurses in the nation, according to Reyes.

The scholarship program is available to first-year students and current nursing students who want to take advantage of free tuition and school fees, funding for books and other necessary supplies and equipment, financial support for internships, and health insurance.

In exchange, after receiving their degree, students are required to sit for the board exam within a year at no additional cost to them.

As determined by the local government unit (LGU) and verified by the Department of Health, the student will serve 1.5 years for each academic year of the scholarship received in his province, municipality hospital, or provider (DOH).

“It is the policy of the State to safeguard and advance peoples’ rights to health. To do this, the government must guarantee that there are always enough healthcare professionals available in every municipality and village across the nation, he said. The welfare and health of these healthcare professionals must likewise be a top focus, according to the statement.

According to the bill, DOH will be responsible for figuring out how many nurses are needed in each municipality or province, as well as for ensuring that scholars are properly integrated into the public health and medical service systems, which includes providing the necessary number of plantilla positions to make room for the new nurses.

The DOH must also design a career plan to improve the scholar’s competencies and skills.

“We want to ensure that each municipality or province has researchers who will serve their own communities, ensuring that we have enough nurses evenly distributed across the nation. While our nurse-to-patient ratio is steadily increasing, our nurses are continuing to leave in large numbers,” Reyes added.

“I hope that by passing this legislation, we can kill two birds with one stone by providing our aspiring nurses with the opportunity for advancement and education as well as regularized and secure employment while they are serving,” he continued.

Despite being the world’s greatest source of nurses, Asia has one of the lowest nurse densities, according to the Journal of Global Health.

The Philippines provided 240,000 nurses to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, according to the same research.

According to DOH, there will be 106,000 fewer nurses in the country as of October 2022.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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