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Filipinos have been identified among stranded visitors in Peru.

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According to reports, hundreds of international visitors were left stranded in Peru after ex-President Pedro Castillo was removed from office, which sparked a massive protest that disrupted the nation’s airlines and public transit.

According to reports, a “number of Filipino visitors” were reportedly hampered in their visits to Machu Picchu as a result of the Cusco airport’s closure on Thursday, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).

The reports are currently “under investigation,” and the Philippine Embassy in Chile, which also has jurisdiction over Filipinos in Peru, is working with that community through the Philippine Honorary Consulate in Lima.

In a Dec. 14 statement, the Embassy urged all Filipinos living in Peru to stay inside, keep away from crowded places, and forgo any needless trip to the impacted areas.

The statement read, “The Embassy is continuously monitoring the situation and will formally contact Peruvian authorities on the same.”

There are now 160 Filipinos living and working abroad in Peru.

As demonstrations develop across the nation in response to Castillo’s detention, whose supporters have taken to the streets to demand his release, Peru has proclaimed a state of emergency.

After Castillo attempted to dissolve the Congress, he was taken into custody on a charge of rebellion and replaced by Dina Boluarte.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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