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Bill offering older citizens a 20% discount on tolls was advanced.

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Rep. Marvin Rillo of Quezon City wants to increase the rights of older folks to travel and use the roads by giving them a 20 percent toll discount on expressway and skyway operators.

In a news release on Sunday, Rillo stated that senior individuals who own cars “deserve preferential access to skyways and expressways, including a 20 percent discount in toll payments.”

Senior seniors would receive a 20 percent discount on all toll rates paid through radio frequency identification (RFID) or comparable devices, as suggested by Rillo in House Bill No. 5277.

For the senior citizen to be eligible for the discount, the car must be registered in his or her name. When requesting RFID installation from the expressway or skyway operator, the senior citizen must also provide a copy of their ID card.

According to Rillo, “our legislation aspires to give more substance to the 1987 Constitution’s directive that the State prioritizes the rights and welfare of the elderly.”

The Toll Regulatory Board and other organizations must enforce the discount under Rillo’s legislation.

The proposal aims to improve the Expanded Senior Citizens Law, which grants benefits to Filipinos 60 years of age and older.

Senior people currently receive a 20 percent discount and are excluded from paying value-added tax on passenger tickets for airlines, ships, and trains, as well as on the costs of shuttle and ride-hailing services.

Additionally, they are now free from paying passenger terminal fees at seaports and airports.

Rillo has previously introduced a different bill to provide PWDs a similar 20% discount on the tolls on controlled-access routes.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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