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A bangus festival will promote aquaculture in the province of Guimaras

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The province of Guimaras gave “bangus” or milkfish growers in the municipality of Sibunag a venue for the first time on Friday when the one-day Bangus Fair was hosted on the grounds of the provincial headquarters.

In his statement during the program, Guimaras Governor JC Rahman Nava stated that bangus farming is a promising industry in the community that began even without government support.

He stated that in order to further support the industry, plans are being made to build an agri-fishery industrial village in Barangay Sapal in the neighboring town of San Lorenzo. This village will include a feed mill for both aquacultures, particularly the bangus industry, as well as livestock and poultry.

This is in addition to including the fishing industry in the tourism industry, he continued.

Our goal is to make our products more cost- and quality-competitive outside the country, according to Nava.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority’s five-year data, Guimaras exported 350 tons of milkfish in 2018, nearly 800 tons in 2019, 600 tons in 2020, and nearly 800 tons in 2021. This year’s production has also surpassed 1,000 tons from January to September.

Alvin Nava, the provincial agriculturalist for Guimaras, stated in a message, “With this, we expect that the bangus sector in the province will be strengthened. We are attempting to introduce the bangus as an emerging business in the province.

According to Luben Vilches, chair of the fisheries and aquatic resources committee of the Guimaras Provincial Board, the province not only produces high-quality bangus but also contributes to the development of Sibunag’s economy.

“About 600 families depend on the bangus culture in Sibunag to function,” he said.

For the one-day event, the Bangus Fair organizer and the Sibunag Fish Producers Association allocated 5.1 tons of milkfish, which were sold for PHP165 to PHP175 per kilogram.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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