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Encouraged to reduce waste during the holidays are Dabawenyos

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Residents are urged by the local government to reduce garbage, especially during the holiday season.

The City Environment and Natural Resources Office’s Environmental Rubbish Management Division is expecting higher volumes of waste than typical during the holiday season, according to acting head engineer Lakandiwa Orcullo.

Orcullo stressed the value of lowering the amount of trash that will eventually fill the city’s landfill in a radio appearance on Monday.

“Dabawenyos are asked to reduce the amount of waste they produce by separating rubbish into recyclable and reusable materials. Every day, between 700 to 750 tons of trash are thrown in the city landfill. This number is probably going to go up quite a bit throughout the holiday season “said he.

He mentioned that January and December have more rubbish than usual.

He claimed that as of November this year, the landfill had already received about 20,237 tons of waste.

Orcullo claimed that despite efforts to lengthen the sanitary landfill’s lifespan, the facility is still close to capacity, raising severe concerns about the city’s ability to reduce trash generation.

One of the waste-reduction methods, according to Orcullo, is requiring homeowners to separate their trash, dispose of only the remaining waste, and use recyclables and biodegradables.

He claimed that barangay authorities play a significant part in lowering waste production by consistently upholding the regulations governing composting and materials recovery.

Orcullo also reminded locals of the significance of minimizing the possibility that solid trash could become marine litter, which can increase flooding in the city in addition to harming the ecosystem.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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