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Negros Oriental police warned against firing without cause on vacations.

Staff members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Negros Oriental who are found recklessly discharging or utilizing their firearms during the holiday season, particularly on New Year’s Eve, shall be subject to severe punishments.

Col. Reynaldo Lizardo, director of the provincial police, stated in a media interview on Monday that there is no order this year for the police to tape the muzzle of their supplied firearms on New Year’s Eve to determine whether or not a pistol was discharged.

In a combination of English and Filipino, Lizardo stated, “Our directives are for us to be responsible in the use of our rifles.”

He claimed that when he visits police stations, he reminds the staff of the fundamental laws governing the use of weapons, adding that “everything is related to public service because the carrying of weapons is part of our uniform.”

PNP employees receive a set number of days off around Christmas and New Year’s breaks so they may celebrate the holidays with their family, he said.

However, Lizardo emphasized that the breaks were only temporary and luxurious because they had to show up for work regardless of whether it was an emergency or not.

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