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A power company in North Cotabato switches to smart meter reading technology

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The first stage of the province’s transition from the outdated kilowatt meter apparatus to Radio Frequency (RF)-ready indicators was launched here by the Cotabato Electric Cooperative (Cotelco) Incorporated on Tuesday.

The new RF-ready kilowatt meters are able to deliver wirelessly accurate and real-time numbers to the data center on the planned reading period, which might reduce errors and delays seen on the on-site meter reading, according to Engr. Michael Mordeno, Cotelco technical manager.

Given the weather and the distance, he said, “Of course, this is due to various circumstances along the road.”

The development is also in line with the Department of Energy’s roadmap for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), a system made up of networks and smart meters that makes it easier to measure, gather, and analyze energy usage.

Smart meters enable more accurate client monitoring of utility usage and more effective utility supply.

Additionally, Mordeno AMIs have better functionality than conventional metering systems for utility companies and customers.

The largest subdivision in the whole COTELCO coverage region, Sandawa Phase 1, 2, 3, and 4, with an estimated 700 families, was selected as the project’s initial trial area.

Mordeno stated, “We have initially replaced about 300 old kWh meters with RF-ready meters in the region and will continue to do so until all home kWh meters will be replaced.

According to the plan, the established “data collector” equipment will receive data from the RF-ready kWh meters and transmit it to the data center, where it will be printed and distributed to each household.

Due to the fact that commercial businesses will open only once the project is completed as a whole, the innovation is currently only available to all residential customers.

This guarantees that we can stay on top of the quickly evolving technologies for effective and trustworthy services to our member-consumers, according to Mordeno.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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