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German pharmacies issue a shortage alert for cancer medications.

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German healthcare is in dire need of reform. Children’s clinics and hospitals are overflowing. Antipyretics, painkillers, and antibiotics are in low supply. A shortage of cancer medications is now present.

According to the daily Bild, there is now a shortage of calcium folinate, particularly for patients with colon cancer. A pharmacist from Jena, a city in the state of Thuringia in eastern Germany, told the newspaper: “At the end of this week, we will be out of supplies. How will doctors and pharmacists choose which patient will receive the final cancer treatment?”

On its website, the German pharmaceutical group Phagro also issued a warning: “Supply shortages have in certain regions reached severe proportions.”

The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) attributed the drug shortages to some pharmacies and distributors hoarding their supplies. As a result, the BfArM said, there is a lack of medications elsewhere.

Another factor is the high rate of pediatric respiratory illnesses right now, which raises demand.

Karl Lauterbach, the health minister, barely sketched out a supply chain reform on Tuesday.

“These drugs for kids must be removed from the regulated amounts so that they can also be sold for more money. Upon learning that health insurance providers are mandated to pay 50% more than this set sum, I will respond to it today as well “Lauterbach made the statement on Tuesday morning on ARD’s Morgenmagazin.

New price regulations are among the foundational elements of the law. In order to increase the economic attractiveness of supply for providers.

There have been 330 reports of preparatory supply shortages as of this writing, according to the BfArM. The Health Ministry points out that this does not necessarily indicate a shortage of supplies. Alternatives are frequently obtainable or producible.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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