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Book only from reputable hotel providers, travellers in Baguio advised

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Tourists were urged by the local authority once more to only make reservations at approved lodging facilities to prevent fraud.

This occurred at the same time that the city published a list of approved hotels for travelers to pick from.

According to Aileen Refuerzo, chief city information officer, “the local government and the Cordillera office of the tourism department started accrediting accommodation places in the city to ensure these enterprises conform with the criteria of accommodation establishments.”

In order to avoid falling prey to booking scams and to ensure that enterprises uphold industry standards for lodgings, she advised visitors to the city to confirm the validity of the operation of the lodging institution they wish to stay in.

Refuerzo reported that the local government continues to accredit more than 1,600 lodging facilities so they can be listed among the facilities that are active in the city.

The municipal tourism office had previously received complaints from travelers who had been harmed by individuals who pretended to be associated with businesses and could facilitate the booking of accommodations, but who later proved to be fake and were no longer reachable after receiving down payments.

Others make similar promises but fail to materialize when visitors arrive, creating difficulty for them, particularly with regard to parking requirements.

At least 70% of the accredited facilities, according to Aloysius Mapalo, City Tourism Operations Officer, are supported with housing that may host groups or families.

In order to ensure their safety and convenience while visiting the city, he continued, “We invite guests to visit the city’s online visitors information and travel help portal to confirm whether or not their desired accommodation establishment is duly accredited.”

Mapalo had previously claimed that the major hotels and lodging facilities had advised them that they were fully booked for the holiday season.

The officer explained that the general public can also consult the “Visita app around” the around-the-clock for assistance if only to steer clear of dealing with any stranger they come across on social media.

He declared, “We need to safeguard our tourists, and we would help them if they ask us.

The traffic jams in the city are evidence that tourism has increased significantly since it first opened a few months ago.

According to Mapalo, the city receives between 25,000 and 40,000 visitors weekly on average.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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