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In Dumaguete, fireworks and pyrotechnics are still sold.

Even though the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) began to keep a closer eye on vendors on Thursday, the sale and usage of firecrackers and other pyrotechnics are still permitted during this holiday season.

The city has not established an ordinance or any action prohibiting the usage of fireworks, according to Lt. Col. Joeson Parallag, the municipal police chief. Still, authorities are ensuring sure the dealers are legitimately identified and licensed.

In a mix of mixed English and Cebuano, Parallag added, “We will be examining the stalls and checking if the vendors have received permits and satisfying regulation standards, as well as to make sure they are not selling fireworks that are prohibited by law.”

According to him, the municipal government established the same location at Pantawan 1 along Rizal Boulevard as the approved place to sell pyrotechnics and firecrackers last year.

He continued, listing some of the prohibited fireworks as piccolo, “super lolo,” enormous whistling bombs, huge Judas belts, “good-bye Philippines,” and atomic triangles.

According to Parallag, people are permitted to use firecrackers and fireworks even close to their homes in the lack of a local ordinance, however, the police advise against doing so out of concern for public safety.

He noted that they are also awaiting new restrictions on fireworks and pyrotechnics from Police Regional Office 7, which may alter the rules in the next few days.

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