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A group requests that PBBM reconsider importing sugar.

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To safeguard regional sugar producers, the United Sugar Producers Federation of the Philippines (UNIFED) asked President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. on Thursday to reevaluate the importation of 64,050 metric tons of refined sugar while the milling season is still in progress.

According to UNIFED president Manuel Lamata, “We are pleading with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to prevent this importation of refined sugar through the MAV (minimum access volume) until the outcomes of a post-assessment of sugar stockpiles at the end of the milling season can be done.”

Since the industry is “near the peak of the harvest” and there are “sufficient stocks of raw and refined sugar,” he continued, there is now no need to import sugar.

After Agriculture Senior Undersecretary Domingo Panganiban issued Memorandum Order 77 on Wednesday, which stated that the President, who serves as the concurrent Agriculture Secretary, ordered the department to “take action and to stabilize sugar prices” following a 38 percent price increase in November, the nation’s largest alliance of sugar producers, which is based in this city of Negros Occidental, the top sugar-producing province, made the appeal.

Panganiban directed the speedy importation of 64,050 metric tons of refined sugar and the immediate convening of the MAV Advisory Council in the letter.

However, Lamata made it clear that while UNIFED is “not against importation per se,” doing so at this time would be “devastating for our local sugar growers.”

He pointed out that sugar mill gate prices have decreased during the last three weeks.

“The sugar growers will be facing a double whammy if this further degenerates with the introduction of foreign sugar,” Lamata warned.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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