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Revilla encourages lifeguard hiring in public swimming pools.

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To protect swimmers’ safety and stop the spread of disease, Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. wants all public swimming pools and other bathing facilities across the country to staff qualified lifeguards.

Revilla said his plan also requires the Department of Health (DoH) to oversee the program when he filed Senate Bill No. 1581, which necessitates the hiring of qualified lifeguards in all public swimming pools and bathing facilities.

Revilla stated that Chapter 7 of Presidential Decree No. 856, also known as the Code of Sanitation of the Philippines, which was enacted on December 23, 1975, and mandates the DOH to safeguard the health and safety of people who use public swimming or bathing facilities, is also supported by the bill.

He stated that in addition to maintaining adequate sanitation and cleanliness of customer-used accessories, lifeguards also work to correct sanitary practices of swimmers to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. They also work to correct the sanitary practices of employees working in those locations.

The measure also mandated that commercial facilities exhibit obvious signs to alert the public to the presence of man-made or natural risks, as well as sufficient numbers of qualified staff and essential equipment for lifesaving and rescue operations.

In his explanation, Revilla stated that “a qualified lifeguard trained for lifesaving and artificial resuscitation will always be present during all swimming periods in public natural bathing areas, including beaches.”

Every 100 bathers in a restricted space must have a lifeguard assigned to them who is a national lifesaving certificate holder. A lifeguard must be stationed in a tower every 90 meters and a boat every 600 meters in the swimming area.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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