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For “cookies,” France fines Microsoft $64 million.

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On Thursday, the French data privacy watchdog said that it had penalized Microsoft €60 million ($64 million) for breaking the rules on advertising cookies.

In response to a complaint about the placement of cookies in September 2020 and May 2021, the National Commission for Technology and Freedoms stated in a statement that it checked the website of Microsoft’s search engine Bing.

The regulator discovered that “cookies were installed on users’ terminals when they were pursuing, in particular, an advertising aim” when they visited the website.

The “lack of a button allowing to refuse the deposit of cookies as easy as to accept it” was another observation made, the report noted.

In light of the amount of money the corporation indirectly makes from advertising using the information gathered by such cookies, the Commission fined Microsoft €60 million.

According to the law, this form of cookie may only be used with the user’s consent, the statement continued.

The regulator noticed that the website included a more complicated cookie refusal mechanism in order to deter visitors from doing so and “encourage them to favor the ease of the permission button appearing in the initial window.”

The phrase “violating the freedom of consent of internet users” was used to describe the process.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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