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Bill suggests assistance for OFW families that are “left behind.”

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Considering that their children are denied parental attention throughout their formative years, families abandoned by migrant workers require assistance from the government, claims a proposal made by Senator Mark Villar.

According to Senate Bill No. 1527, also known as the Left-Behind Household of Migrant Workers Act, children who are abandoned by either their father or mother—or, worst yet, both—risk not developing normally.

According to studies, children of migrant workers suffer from a wide range of bad physical and mental health issues as a result of being apart from their parents, most of which start in early childhood and may have long-term effects on their physical, cognitive, and emotional health.

Although migrant workers provide for the essential requirements of the family, such as food and financial security, Villar said in his explanation that the psychological needs of intimacy and belongingness were severely harmed by physical separation.

The bill aims to create Migrant Worker’s Family Centers all over the country that will offer welfare assistance and counseling to migrant workers’ families, act as a coordinating office with non-governmental organizations and associations that care for migrant workers, and connect households that are left behind with various government services and/or agencies on overseas employment.

The family centers will aid in maintaining family unity and assisting family members in getting ready to reintegrate with the migrant worker in the future.

The program will be run by the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW), which will also build family centers in each city or municipality with a significant number of families who have relatives working overseas.

The law also requires DMW to inform Congress of the number of instances it has received and the actions it has made.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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