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Employees’ comp claims will total P1.22 billion in 2022: ECC

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More than 200,000 individuals and/or their families across the nation who filed claims after encountering work-related problems this year have received support from the Employees’ Compensation Commission (ECC).

Through its administering organizations, the Social Security System (SSS) and the Government System Insurance System (GSIS), the Employees’ Compensation Corporation (ECC) reported that 204,187 EC benefits claims totaling PHP1.22 billion were approved and released to claimants on the first semester of 2022 under the Employees’ Compensation Act (EC).

There were 79,474 illness claims, 10,272 disability claims, 110,615 death and pension claims, 332 burial benefits, 3,162 medical services, including medical reimbursements, 35 rehabilitation services, and 297 one-time financial aid to qualified EC retirees.

According to the statement, “ECC made sure to continuously review its current programs and develop new ones that provide comprehensive solutions to the changing needs and demands of Filipino workers in both the private and public sectors; such responses to clients’ real-time concerns include programs that boost the morale of all persons with work-related disabilities (PWRDs).”

rapid response system

The ECC also claimed that it had achieved significant progress in 2022 in extending its program to employees who had coronavirus illness (Covid-19).

The ECC Quick Response Program (QP), which offers cash assistance as an ancillary benefit in addition to the primary EC benefits provided by the SSS and GSIS under the EC program, aims to offer workers and their families quick financial support.

Employees are entitled to an additional PHP10,000 for sickness claims and PHP15,000 for beneficiaries in the event of work-related death claims if their EC claims have been authorized by the Systems.

According to the ECC, 11,168 individuals had received cash assistance benefits totaling PHP112.1 million as of November.

Covid-19 instances were the reason for more than 10,000 of these accepted applications.

For a quicker and more effective disbursement procedure, it also takes into account alternate methods of disbursing financial assistance claims in addition to the conventional releasing of payment via checks.

“The beneficiaries’ electronic accounts will get the benefit directly. The ECC continued, “This is also to reduce the likelihood of getting infections that can be acquired through face-to-face interactions.

helping disabled employees

Workers are given access to additional EC programs, particularly those who have developed physical disabilities as a result of illnesses or accidents that occurred at work.

The ECC continues to offer rehabilitation services like free physical, psychosocial, and occupational therapy, the provision of a prosthesis and other assistive devices, the enrollment of PWRDs in entrepreneurship programs, the distribution of business starter kits worth PHP20,000 and an additional PHP10,000 complimentary kit, and the provision of a prosthesis and other assistive devices.

This year, physical and occupational therapy treatments were provided to 84 PWRDS. This was 42 percent above the goal established for 2022. 35 PWRDs from this cohort received prosthetics or other aids.

According to the Commission, “ECC assisted the enrolment of 127 PWRDs in livelihood skills training, which is a pre-qualifying criteria for the grant of an EC livelihood beginning kit, to guarantee that they are equipped with new knowledge and skills after sustaining physical disabilities.”

Additionally, 55 PWRDs who previously received EC livelihood startup kits continue to expand their recently established businesses.

58 PWRDs are getting PT/OT right now. They received free therapy sessions as well as PHP368,000 in lunch and transportation expenses.

Case resolution in EC appeals

The ECC has quasi-judicial power to decide on cases that are presented before it for review in addition to financial incentives.

It was able to settle 51 EC appeals for 2022, of which 9 were overturned and 42 were upheld.

It said, “These instances were thoroughly examined by medical and legal specialists to ensure that every case is successfully settled.

The ECC added that it keeps coming up with new ways to notify the general public.

95 percent of the 157 CP advocacy seminars that ECC aimed to host in 2022 were actually held. More than 6,000 employees from more than 5,000 businesses around the country attended these sessions.

In order to better promote the CP, “ECC engaged in and attended over 600 webinar invites in addition to these lobbying seminars. 29, 756 employees from 17, 139 businesses participated in the webinars, according to the ECC.

With a total reserve of PHP6.78 billion in SIF managed by SSS for future payment of EC claims in the private sector and a total reserve of PHP33.46 billion in SIF managed by GSIS for future payment of EC claims in the public sector, the ECC had a notable performance in 2022 in terms of the financial stability of the State Insurance Fund (SIF).

“ECC’s commitment to helping the Filipino workers will remain ablaze thanks to the torch that ignites the public service. Any difficulties that may arise in the future won’t be able to contain them. Instead, those would act as inspiration to always offer better services and initiatives that are based on the goal to offer Filipino employees complete safety, it said.

An associated department of the Department of Labor and Employment is the ECC (DOLE).

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