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Before requesting building permissions, plant trees, solon

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As part of the government’s program to restore forests and lessen the effects of climate change, Senator Jinggoy Estrada has suggested that planting trees be a prerequisite for obtaining building licenses worldwide.

When introducing Senate Bill No. 1444, also known as the “Green Measures Act,” in November of last year, Estrada stated that in order to improve environmental quality and protect the environment for both current and future generations, developers must plant at least five trees prior to receiving building permits.

In addition to other criteria imposed by local government units (LGUs), “all applicants for building licenses of residential, commercial, industrial, and public building development projects are hereby compelled to submit a Tree Planting Plan (TPP).” In his explanation, Estrada stated.

Any person, firm, corporation, department, office, bureau, agency, or instrumentality of the government that plans to build, alter, repair, or convert any building or structure is required by the proposed measure to set aside and maintain areas suitable for planting and caring for trees and other vegetation.

The Implementing Rules and Regulations must be issued by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, which is also entrusted with monitoring the trees that have been planted, together with the Departments of Interior and Local Government and Agriculture.

According to Estrada, the aforementioned agencies will also choose how many trees to plant, accounting for at least one tree for every 500 square meters of permitted commercial or industrial space and one tree for every 250 square meters of permitted housing and development projects.

According to Estrada, the same organizations will choose the species to be planted and must prefer native species while taking climate and topography into account. It is also advised that endemic ornamental plants and trees be grown on residential lots, along with fruit-bearing trees.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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