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More intellectual property filings are recorded by IPOPHL.

In a report released on Thursday, the Intellectual Property of the Philippines (IPOPHL) stated that it had received more filings for intellectual property (IP) during the year’s first nine months.

According to IPOPHL, there were 36,709 applications for IP protection from January to September of this year, up 4.4 percent from 35,172 during the same period in 2021.

Since the first half of the year, IP registrations in the nation have increased over the pre-pandemic level.

“According to the most recent data, IP filings have impressively recovered, and we are on pace to surpass the amount seen before the epidemic. According to IPOPHL director general Rowel Barba, this is largely due to increased economic activity in areas where quarantine regulations have loosened to their lowest levels yet.

He also credited the agency’s increased efforts to promote public awareness of IP rights for the rise in IP filings.

For IP protection, utility models, industrial designs, patents, and trademarks can be registered.

A total of 31,665 trademark applications were filed in the first nine months of the year, making up the majority of IP filings. The number of trademark filings increased by 5.6 percent from the previous year.

The majority of trademark registrationsโ€”19,762 or 62 percentโ€”were held by Philippine-based trademark owners.

Pharmaceuticals, health, and cosmetics accounted for the majority of trademark filings (19 percent), followed by agricultural goods and services (16.8 percent) and scientific research, information, and communication technology (14.5 percent), according to IPOPHL.

A year ago, there were 3,116 patent submissions within the same time period, a 2.3 percent increase. 90% of the total number of patent applications, or 2,807, were made by non-residents.

The industries having the most patent applications from January through September of this year were biotechnology, organic fine chemistry, and pharmaceuticals.

In the same time frame, 1,005 utility models and 923 industrial designs both requested IP protection.

IPOPHL further noted that, compared to the same period in 2021, the number of copyright registrations increased by 69.1% to 2,602 in the first nine months of 2022.

Books, pamphlets, articles, e-books, audiobooks, comic books, novels, and other writings accounted for the majority of copyright registrations during that time period, followed by literary, scholarly, scientific, and artistic works, as well as drawings, paintings, architectural works, sculpture, engraving, prints, lithography, or other works of art, models, or designs for works of art.

We are confident in keeping our recovery momentum for the remainder of 2022 because IPOPHL also made sure to have a strong presence in several channels to assist more Filipinos in protecting their intellectual property, Barba said.

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