June 21, 2021

Separate areas for vaccinated and unvaccinated people will be reviewed by the government.

Malacañang said on Monday that the national government would look at the idea to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated employees in the workplace.

This comes after Joey Concepcion, the President’s Adviser for Entrepreneurship, urged on the government and private sector to separate vaccinated workers from those who refuse to get vaccines.

“Pag-aaralan po natin iyan,” Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said in a Palace news conference, “since all ideas naman ay dapat pinag-aaralan (We will examine that plan because all suggestions are worthy of review).”

Roque applauded the idea, but pointed out that such segregation may not be necessary at this time.

“However, sa tingin ko ngayon, dahil eight million mahigit-kumulang pa lang ang ating mga nabakunahan ay hindi pa ito iyong panahon na para gawin iyan, hindi pa ito iyong panahon na para gawin iyan. However, pag-aaralan po iyan lalung-lalo na habang dumadami iyong hanay ng mga nabakunahan na (I believe now is not the time to do that since we have only vaccinated about 8 million people.) But, when more individuals get vaccinated, we’ll take a look at that proposal),” he said.

Concepcion mentioned the idea of separating unvaccinated employees to prevent them from infecting others who have been vaccinated in a televised interview.

Elevators, offices, restaurants, theaters, gyms, and other enclosed spaces are examples of potential separation zones.

The government has given out 8,222,759 doses of Covid-19 vaccination as of June 19. 2,210,134 people have been fully immunized out of this total.

On Monday, health officials reported almost 5,000 new Covid-19 cases, increasing the total number of cases in the nation to 1,364,239.

The number of people who have recovered has risen to 1,284,643, with 7,053 more people getting well, but the death toll has risen to 23,749.

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