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14 employees receive P2 million in compensation as a result of the DOLE-SEnA intervention

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A roughly PHP2 million monetary reward was given to 14 maintenance workers who used the single-entry approach (SEnA) to resolve their labor issues.

The sum was paid as compensation for the underpayment of wages and the failure to pay employees of an adventure park here their 13th month’s pay.

A writ of execution ordered the employer’s depositary bank to deliver the money to the employees, according to a news release issued on Saturday by Lilia Estillore, regional director of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

The workers’ concern was initially expressed as a request for assistance under the SEnA, a legislative measure intended to provide a quick, fair, affordable, and easily accessible method for resolving any labor disputes or difficulties in order to avert a full-blown conflict or labor litigation.

“Since the parties concerned couldn’t come to an agreement, it turned into a case. We have observed that despite being required to undertake mandatory discussions and hearings, the concerned company did not address the concerns presented or correct the infractions “explained Estillore.

According to Estillore, the DOLE issued a compliance order in response to the violation of labor regulations, which culminated in the issuance of a notice of finality and a writ of execution on October 17, 2022.

The 42-year-old Ronald Perales was given more than PHP150,000.

Perales, a native of Carmen town, declared, “I’m really glad since I already received what’s due to me and the rewards of my labor. Nadawat na gyud nako ang para akoa ug bunga sa akong pagtrabaho.”

Perales declared that he would use the funds to pay off his debts and repair his leaking roof.

He said that during his 17 years of employment at the adventure park, the employees were underpaid and denied benefits like the 13th-month salary required by law.

“Apan gi-ingnan mi nga wala mi madawat ug nga pwede rasad mi mo-adto sa DOLE, nisulay mi ug hangyo sa management. As a result, mao to, nisuway gyud mi and dangop sa (We attempted to discuss it with the management but were informed that they were powerless to help and that we should instead contact DOLE. We decided to give it a shot and sought assistance from the Department of Labor, he said.

In November of last year, DOLE-7 paid the 14 workers PHP1,995,407 in full satisfaction of their claims.

Perales earned the largest sum of PHP153,006, another received PHP151,606, and the remaining amounts ranged from PHP138,000 to PHP41,000 for each recipient.

What it does

The fundamental goal of SeNA, which is a type of conciliation-mediation intervention, is to bring about an agreeable settlement between the various parties, with the help of a third person, the SEnA Desk Officer, who offers guidance, options, and alternatives.

Any unhappy employee, union, group of employees or employer may submit a request for support at the regional offices where the employer does its main business.

The request must be made at the regional/provincial/district office where the union or local chapter is registered if a union or federation is acting as the local chapter’s representative.

The 30 calendar day conciliation-mediation period is set by SEnA.

In all DOLE offices and attached agencies, settlement agreements are legally binding, immediately executable, and final, unless they are deemed to be against the law, morality, public order, or public policy.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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